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Large Animals Anaesthesia (GT)
Large Animals Anaesthesia (GT)



The proven GT anaesthesia system for large animals by Fritz Stephan GmbH is a compact, robust and reliable unit for use in veterinary medicine. It is equipped with a particularly effective CO2 absorber (10l), a gauge block for oxygen and nitrous oxide with O2 bypass, an anaesthetic gas evaporator and a ventilation pressure display with monitoring.

The extensive basic features include a large-volume tube system and a breathing bag for 30 resp. 15 l.


The anaesthesia system can be used for ventilation forms A/C, CM-V and IM-V as well as for spontaneous breathing. Additionally it offers a cost-effective bag-in-bottle system and an inspiration pressure (plateau) and expiration pressure limit (PEEP). Particularly important in veterinary medicine: GT can be assembled and dismantled quickly and easily. This makes it ideal for mobile use.