„Outstanding medical technology is the result of a close cooperation between research, hospitals and our development team“


With his goals clearly defined, the founder of Fritz Stephan GmbH, Mr. Fritz Stephan, brought the first reanimator – developed in close cooperation with medical professionals specifically for the ventilation needs of premature infants and newborns – to market in 1974. His demands and vision formed the foundation for the corporate practices to which we still adhere today.
A sense of responsibility, the thrill of innovation, technical competence and medical experience form the cornerstones of our work. These, too, are the principle ideals of Tanja Stephan, the second generation to head Fritz Stephan GmbH.
Since the company’s founding we have concentrated on the specialized areas of ventilation, anesthesiology and oxygen supply and develop specialized solutions for the fields of neonatology and pediatrics. Today, our STEPHANIE ventilation system is recognized as one of the world technological leaders.



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