Autonomous Oxygen Supply, Safe and Economic


Fritz Stephan GmbH designs, constructs and installs complete oxygen supply solutions for any location throughout the world. The FS modular systems are the state-of-the-art answer to your oxygen supply needs and can be tailored to your individual requirements. Our patented cutting-edge technology is the solution to the ever increasing cost of medical gases. As the trusted suppliers of systems to both civilian and military customers, our advanced technology is the tried and tested alternative to hitherto widespread dependence on external supply. The serious problems and cost connected with the transportation, handling and storage of hazardous high-pressure cylinders and liquefied gases are thus rendered irrelevant.
All FS oxygen supply systems are manufactured to meet international production and product standards.

The FS systems are available as either installed rack-based units (large-scale) for hospitals, clinics and surgeries or as compact units for smaller-scale requirements. Complete rack systems can also be installed into standard sea-containers thus combining larger-scale supply with maximum flexibility, an option favoured by Armed Forces. The sea-container version is often supplied with the addition of units for cylinder-filling, plus compressed air and vacuum generation, all of which can be installed as a complete package on request.

Both the container-borne and compact systems are complete “plug and play” units which negate possible installation problems and cost. The FS compact units are designed to be mobile and function at low levels of noise and vibration.

The FS oxygen supply systems are the economic substitute for the logistically problematic and often impossible use of cylinders and liquefied gas tanks. They are thus the cost-effective alternative (or sometimes only) supply-source for situations and countries where there is no oxygen available. Power and sufficient ambient air are the sole input requirements.

The FS systems feature continuous oxygen monitoring and integrated alarms. Completely oil-less air filtration and compression eliminates all possibility of contamination. Combined with in-built system redundancy for fail-safe reliability and maximum safety, maximum supply security is achieved at low maintenance and operating costs. The oxygen produced meets all international standards required for O93.


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