„Each of our employees has the personal responsibility of providing the best for our customers, our products and, therefore, for your patients.“


A special focus is on our production facilities in Germany located in Gackenbach/Westerwald and in Adorf/Erzgebirge. Here we invested largely into new production facilities and modern technology to create new jobs. By now the company has more than one hundred employees.
Flat hierarchies ensure rapid and non-bureaucratic decision making paths and a lively dialog among ourselves and with the users. This lively dialog allows us to interact in a manner that is only possible for a medium-sized firm.
Each highly qualified employee is integrated into the overall process based on his or her social and professional skills and is given the highest possible level of freedom to reach decisions. This results in a work environment characterized by a sense of responsibility, fairness and openness.
Our corporate structure allows us to remain flexible and therefore react more rapidly to changing demands or new technologies.


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