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„By focusing on one area of specialization we have come to know its demands and can develop specific solutions.“


We know that we can only meet our responsibilities with respect to the users and, ultimately to the patients, if every individual acts conscientiously, attentively and deliberately. We therefore place great value on our employees’ qualifications and flexibility and their ongoing education in order to meet ever growing challenges. The establishment of annual world meetings for our representatives from around the globe is a direct consequence of our conviction regarding the importance of ongoing education, not only for our employees.
Here, the representatives can engage in transnational, communicative exchanges. Aside from seminars with primarily technical content presented by our engineers for the benefit of bio-meds, the international “Stephan Seminars” we hold for medical professionals are proving themselves to an increasingly outstanding platform for reconciling theory and practice.

The exchange of experience between users and engineers as well as the development and examination of theories uphold our claim of providing innovation at the highest level. We are thus not only ready but also able to keep up with the constant changes in our field and to more than merely meet the challenges faced by ourselves and our products. Beyond this, we are continuously striving to improve our products and our services. To do this, we reinvest approx. 12% of our total earnings in research and development.


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