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Every day, doctors and nurses take on great responsibility and are fully committed to the health of their patients, both young and old. Supporting them optimally in this important task is our ultimate ambition. Therefore, we work hand in hand: we discuss the specific requirements and needs of their patients and develop ventilation, anesthesia and oxygen supply systems that provide exactly what is essential in everyday clinical practice.

FAQ Stephan Ventilators and COVID-19

As we frequently receive specific questions regarding the use of our ventilators in SARS-CoV-2 cases, we have listed and answered the most frequently asked questions below. We would like to point out that in various countries there may be recommendations for action by national health organizations or professional associations which must be aligned with our recommendations.

Generally, the procedure is the same as for highly infectious patients, so that no additional specific measures need to be taken when using our ventilators for COVID-19 patients.

We recommend the following procedures:

  • Follow the WHO guidelines in connection with SARS-CoV-2.
  • Follow the instructions for use when operating the ventilator.
  • Use bacteria and virus filters on the expiratory side of the device (EVE, Sophie, Stephanie, F120).
  • Without active humidification, an HME/HMEF filter (EVE) should be placed between flow sensor and patient. The filter must be checked and replaced regularly.
  • Sophie, Stephanie and EVE are equipped with a flush flow which continuously passes the flow sensor.
  • We highly recommend using only disposable materials wherever possible to prevent cross-contamination.
  • In accordance with hygiene specialists in hospitals and the instructions for use, regular surface disinfection of the device should be carried out.

Information on care and maintenance can be found in the corresponding section of the instructions for use of our ventilators. Please be sure to follow the instructions for reprocessing patient parts and surface disinfection. In the instructions for use you will find a list of sample products that are suitable for cleaning the device.

In addition, the disinfectant manufacturers’ instructions for use must be observed to determine whether the product is compatible with the surface to be cleaned.

Sophie and Stephanie:

Bacteria filters must be used on the expiratory side of patient component P7. Additionally, the procedure for reprocessing the patient component must be followed strictly.

Please ensure the filters are checked regularly and replaced if necessary. If a blockage occurs, Sophie and Stephanie will open the emergency air valve, otherwise device failure is imminent.

Bacterialfilter at exspiratory inlet of Sophie


Bacteria filters must be used on the expiratory side of patient component. Additionally, the procedure for reprocessing the patient component must be followed strictly.

Please ensure the filters are checked regularly and replaced if necessary. If a blockage occurs, device failure is imminent.

Bacterialfilter at exspiratory inlet of F120 mobile


Bacteria filters must be used on the expiratory side. Without active humidification, the use of HME/HMEF filters between flow sensor and patient is recommended. When used with the emergency tubing system, an optional suction adapter is available for use with passive suction (optionally with additional bacteria filter).

Bacterialfilter at exspiratory valve of EVE

HME Filter at proximal flow sensor for passive humidification and bacterial/viral protection

Bacterialfilter at optional suction connector in combination with emergency breathing circuit for EVE

Stephan ventilators can be operated safely with patients affected by a SARS-CoV-2 infection. The instructions for reprocessing and disinfection must be followed as specified in the instructions for use. Please also follow instructions of the hygiene specialists in your institution.

If all measures described above are followed, contamination of the devices can be prevented.

For lung protective ventilation with additional patient monitoring options, the use of one device for several patients is not permitted. At present, the absence of a flow sensor presents a challenge for monitoring both volume and flow. In addition, there is a risk of cross-contamination of the patients.

A number of manufacturers are currently examining possible solutions.

Fritz Stephan GmbH is in close contact with their suppliers to maintain the production of new ventilators. Incoming orders are checked and included in the delivery schedule. Every week the production situation is reassessed and delivery of ventilators is reviewed at management level.

Production was reorganized into shifts following the increase in demand. This was done to increase the number of ventilators produced and to avoid the risk of infection. It allows working in separate teams to maintain production even after an infection occurs.

The production of device-specific patient tube systems is carried out in our in-house clean room in two shifts, thus ensuring security of supply.

Something both you and your Patients can count on:

Our high-performance Devices for Neonatal and Adult Ventilation and Oxygen Supply


Neonatal Ventilation

Our mission is to successfully support premature and newborn infants through their difficult start into life and effectively relieve their careers.


Adult Ventilation

A single system for ventilation at the accident site, on the way to hospital, in intensive care and during intra-clinical transport – for permanently safe and reliable supply.


Oxygen Supply

Our Oxygen Supply Systems produce oxygen quickly, reliably and if required in the smallest of spaces. This is beneficial for the military, disaster control and hospitals – worldwide.


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