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Your Team at Fritz Stephan

Tailor-made Ventilation Solutions for premature Infants, Children and Adults

Every day, doctors and nurses take on great responsibility and are fully committed to the health of their patients, both young and old. Supporting them optimally in this important task is our ultimate ambition. Therefore, we work hand in hand: we discuss the specific requirements and needs of their patients and develop ventilation, anesthesia and oxygen supply systems that provide exactly what is essential in everyday clinical practice.

Something both you and your Patients can count on:

Our high-performance Devices for Neonatal and Adult Ventilation and Oxygen Supply

Neonatal Ventilation

Our mission is to successfully support premature and newborn infants through their difficult start into life and effectively relieve their careers.

Adult Ventilation

A single system for ventilation at the accident site, on the way to hospital, in intensive care and during intra-clinical transport – for permanently safe and reliable supply.

Oxygen Supply

Our Oxygen Supply Systems produce oxygen quickly, reliably and if required in the smallest of spaces. This is beneficial for the military, disaster control and hospitals – worldwide.