Excellent Medical Technology
By People for People

Ventilation – especially for premature and newborn infants – is our specialty. This is where we have made a name as a worldwide technology leader. Every day, we do everything we can to optimally support physicians and nursing staff in their commitment to patients small and tall with the help of our devices and solutions.

The basis of our successful work is our close cooperation with the people who use our devices every day. Through constant contact with them, we learn about the challenges they are facing, learn about their specific needs and thus develop devices that are increasingly better adapted to the needs of patients and carers. Safety and reliability are our top priority.

In addition to respiratory technology, our range of services also includes anesthesia equipment and oxygen supply systems for use in hospitals as well as in the military and disaster control sectors.

Bernd Höhne, managing director of Fritz Stephan GmbH:
A sense of responsibility, innovative spirit, technical competence and clinical experience are the cornerstones of our work.

Research and Development
Thinking ahead together

Research and development – this does not happen in a quiet office, but in close exchange between physicians, users, technicians and developers. We seek exchange and cultivate discourse because we know that this debate with different perspectives and requirements is the way that leads us to our ultimate goal: the optimal solution for patients all over the world.

Our technicians and developers are among the best talents in German medical technology. They are passionate about their work and at the same time work absolutely meticulously and diligently. Because this is indispensable in our profession. After all, we are responsible for human lives. And we are aware of this every day.

Everything made in Germany

Highest quality is our claim. To ensure our devices and solutions meet these requirements in every respect, we produce our devices ourselves. Each and every one of our employees bears personal responsibility for his or her area of expertise. Clearly defined processes contribute to the creation of high-quality products with which doctors and nurses around the world work safely, reliably and successfully.

Certified Quality
You can count on us

Our company and all our partners on the supplier side are certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485. This guarantees a transparent process chain that meets the highest demands.  To ensure that all our equipment functions properly and safely, we subject it to thorough quality control before it leaves our premises. We use complex test procedures and long-term tests. Only if the results fully meet our strict quality criteria will we deliver to the customer.

Certificate EN ISO 13485 (PDF)

EC Certificate of Conformity Annex II (PDF)


Certificate MDR

MDR Art. 120 Confirmation Letter

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