More than a Ventilator:
the EVE mobile System
From the scene of an accident
to intensive care

A ventilator, for clinical use only? From our point of view, this is too short-sighted. Patients who are dependent on ventilation should be optimally cared for right from the start and in the long term: from the scene of the accident right through to intensive care. This is exactly what our EVE ventilation system is designed for. It consists of two devices which complement each other perfectly. The compact EVE TR, which runs independently of power and gas supply, is ideal for emergency use and for ventilation in ambulances and helicopters. In intensive care, EVE IN – our fully-fledged intensive care ventilator – takes over. In order to transfer from one device to the other, simply transfer the unit’s tube system. Easy-to-use and beneficial for the patient.


the mobile emergency ventilator

Immediately ready for use: complete with everything you need, yet compact and easy to fasten anywhere. EVE TR is the perfect ventilator to be used at the scene of an accident and during the journey or flight to the hospital.


the fully fledged intensive care ventilator

Simply super versatile: EVE IN is a high-performance ventilator which not only impresses in intensive care units, but also during intra-clinical transports. It masters all basic ventilation modes and offers detailed monitoring