Project Description

One Anesthesia Device for all Patient Groups:

Extremely flexible and suitable for even the smallest operating theater

You would like to fully concentrate on your responsible task in the operating theater, and not on the anesthesia device? We do understand. This is why we developed AKZENT COLOR to be intuitive and to allow you to concentrate fully on your patients. And because some of them may be very young, while others may be elderly, AKZENT COLOR offers outstanding ventilation properties for the entire patient range. Thanks to its slim design, it can be used even in the tightest of spaces – for example in induction rooms of operating theatres.

Anesthesia unit AKZENT COLOR: Your benefits

From premature infant to geriatric patient

Requirements for the ventilation of premature infants and newborns are particularly demanding. They are the benchmark for ventilation with AKZENT COLOR. This is why our anesthesia device is easily able to compete with dedicated pediatric or NICU ventilators in terms of performance and precision.

  • Outstanding properties: Tidal volumes from 5 to 1500 ml at a frequency of 3 to 100 min-1 applied with maximum precision
  • Particularly for premature infants and intensive care patients: pressure-controlled ventilation forms and pressure-assisted spontaneous breathing are possible
  • No modification of the breathing system: safe ventilation with minimum, low and high flows

Important parameters at a glance

AKZENT COLOR includes monitoring so you always have all anesthesia parameters on your screen and can evaluate them quickly and reliably

  • Detailed and clearly structured: all relevant data
  • More patient safety: through sound information
  • Optional: monitoring of anesthesia gases via an integrated gas measuring module

In everyday routine and extreme situations

Before, during and after the use of AKZENT COLOR – safety has the highest priority in clinical use. That is why we have integrated self-test modules, ensured their suitability for use in the event of a power failure and made sure that all hygienic requirements are met:

  • In case of power failure: back-up accumulator or manual ventilation possible
  • Always automatically monitored: the inlet pressure of the central gas supply
  • Simply clean: quick and hygienic cleaning thanks to smooth surfaces

Discover what AKZENT COLOR has to offer

Our high-performance anesthesia unit AKZENT COLOR stands out as a unit for all patient groups offering simple and intuitive operation. Here you will learn more about the most important features and functions:

Product Specifications AKZENT COLOR

Patient groups:

  • Newborn and premature infants
  • Children
  • Adults

Hospital sectors:

  • Operating theaters
  • Mains power
  • Air: 2.8 – 6.5 bar
  • O2: 2.8 – 6.5 bar
  • N2O: 2.8 – 6.5 bar
  • Manual ventilation/spontaneous breathing
  • Half closed
  • Half open
  • FG out (additional fresh gas outlet)
  • VCV: volume controlled, mandatory, leakage compensation
  • PCV: pressure controlled, mandatory
  • PC-S-IMV: pressure controlled, synchronized, mandatory
  • Display: 8.4’’ color touch screen
  • Controls: central operating knob
  • Integrated patient gas monitoring with electrochemical or paramagnetic O2 cell
  • Extendable writing shelf
  • Configurable drawer units
  • Gas bottle holder for 2 to 4 cylinders
  • Patient monitor support arms
  • Secretion aspiration
  • O2 dosimeter for standard rails
  • Additional backup system „VENTSAFE“
  • Fastening sets for mounting AKZENT COLOR on walls or on the ceiling supply unit


Brochure “Akzent Color”
Technical Specifications

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