CPAP Ventilation with user friendly Accessories:
EasyFlow nCPAP

Perfect Fit and gentle Application

When it comes to optimal ventilation of premature and newborns, it is not only necessary to have powerful systems that meet the specific requirements of neonatology to a high degree. Likewise, the accessories have to fit snugly and be easy to use. Like the prongs and masks of our EasyFlow system accessories, harmonizing perfectly with both our SOPHIE and STEPHANIE ventilators. You are using neonatal ventilators by other manufacturers? If these are standard models, our EasyFlow accessories also fit your device.

Gentle, non-invasive Ventilation using EasyFlow nCPAP: Your Benefits

Learn more about the Components of the EasyFlow nCPAP System:

Each component of EasyFlow is precisely tailored to the needs of premature and newborn infants thus providing gentle, non-invasive ventilation.

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EasyFlow nCPAP System Accessories
at a Glance


The applicator allows direct connection to the decoupling hoses and also provides a connection for a pressure measuring line.

Decoupling tube

  1. Circumference 12mm (Standard F&P)
  2. Circumference 10mm

Fixing straps

  1. Fixing straps for headbands, micro/mini
  2. Fixing straps for headbands, maxi
  3. Fixing straps for bonnets, with hook-and-loop fastener

Head band with forehead support

  1. Micro: Circumference 20 – 28 cm | Weight 500 – 1.350 g
  2. Mini: Circumference 28 – 36 cm | Weight 1.350 – 3.700 g
  3. Maxi: Circumference 36 – 48 cm | Weight 3.700 – 8.400 g

Prong (sterile)

Prong, sterile, available sizes XS, S, M, L, XL

Mask (sterile)

Mask, sterile, available sizes XS, S, M, L, XL

Forehead support

Forehead support with circular blank and velcro fastener for headband and bonnets

Cushioned forehead pad

Cushioned forehead pad for headband.

  1. with silicone gel
  2. without silicone gel

Extension mask/prong

Extension for mask or prong (sterile) to extend the application for large head circumferences.

Bonnets with forehead support

20 – 22 cm
22 – 24 cm
24 – 26 cm
26 – 28 cm
28 – 30 cm
30 – 33 cm
33 – 36 cm
36 – 39 cm
39 – 42 cm
42 – 45 cm
45 – 48 cm

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