Optimal care for premature infants – anywhere, anytime

Our flexible ventilator EVA Neo

EVA Neo is designed and equipped to function autonomously, is easy-to-use and versatile. Thanks to state-of-the-art ventilation and sensor technology EVA Neo automatically adapts to the patient’s spontaneous breathing efforts.

Ventilator EVA Neo: Your Benefits

No manual Calibration necessary

If premature babies require ventilation, every second counts. Therefore, we made sure that EVA NEO is ready for use within the shortest possible time.

  • Short self-test, no complex manual calibration
  • Quick and easy selection oft he appropriate scenario
  • Adapt ventilation quickly and simply to changing patient situations – thanks to the intuitive operation concept

All basic ventilation forms, optionally combinable with additional options

Optimal mechanical ventilation varies from patient to patient. EVA Neo is ready for this challenge: it operates in both pressure-controlled and volume-controlled modes. Additional options such as PRVC, PSV and tube compensation can be added easily.

  • The right ventilation form at the push of a button – including a range of different breathing manoeuvers
  • Additional options can be activated

Monitoring and diagnostics made easy

The high-resolution display of EVA Neo provides you with an overview of your patient’s condition at all times and allows you to run a wide variety of evaluations. You can do so simply and conveniently using the touch screen and a rotary knob. In other words, EVA Neo not only ensures optimal ventilation, but also supports diagnostics and reliably monitors patients.

  • Precise and comprehensive lung diagnostics thanks to expiratory CO2 measurement and loops
  • Always the optimal view: three freely configurable curve displays
  • Current situation and trends always available: visualization of all common ventilation parameters and trend display

Discover what EVA Neo has to offer for artificial Ventilation.

Easy-to-use, robust, mobile and flexible – EVA NEO is an all-rounder which ensures reliable and consistent ventilation both during transport of premature babies and during their care in intensive care units. Learn more about EVA NEO:

Product Specifications EVA Neo

Patient groups:

  • Newborn and premature infants
  • Children
  • Adults

Hospital sectors:

  • Interdisciplinary or specialized intensive care units
  • Primary care units for premature and newborn infants
  • Mains power
  • Battery power (8 hours incl. exchangeable battery)
  • Integrated turbine
  • Invasive and non-invasive ventilation
  • all established conventional, pressure and volume controlled ventilation forms
  • High Flow Otherapy
  • Selection of ventilation form via a clearly structured menu: simple and quick
  • Volume guaranteed ventilation with optional PRVC
  • Newborn and premature infants, Children, Adults
  • Loops
  • MASIMO Rainbow ®Parameters (optional)
  • 28 Trends selectable, duration: 1, 6, 12, 24 or 72 hours
  • Display: 12,1’’ Color touch screen
  • Controls: push buttons, touch screen and rotary knob
  • Patient tube systems
  • Single/multiple use flow sensors and accessories
  • Medication nebulizer
  • Masks and accessories
  • Mobile stands
  • Maintenance kits
  • NO accessories
  • EasyFlow nCPAP systems
  • Spacesuit

Accessories EVA Neo


Breathing circuit, adult, emergency, Length 180 cm, Art.-No. 1 070 61 120
Length 240 cm, Art.-No. 1 070 61 140
Length 300 cm, Art.-No. 1 070 61 141
Length 440 cm, Art.-No. 1 070 61 142

Breathing circuit, adult, intensive, Art.-No. 1 070 61 125

Breathing circuit, pediatrics, with integrated flow sensor, Art.-No. 1 070 61 124

Breathing circuit EVE NEO incl. expiration valve (distal), Length 180 cm, Art.-No. 1 070 61 189

Flow-Sensor Erwachsene, Totraum 11 ml, Flowbereich ab 20 l/min, Länge 200 cm Art.-Nr. 1 070 61 127
dto., Länge 260 cm, Art.-Nr. 1 070 61 144
dto., Länge 320 cm, Art.-Nr. 1 070 61 145
dto., Länge 460 cm, Art.-Nr. 1 070 61 146

Flow sensor pediatrics, dead space 2.7 ml, flow range < 20 l/min, Art.-No. 1 070 61 128

Respiration sensor (Graseby capsule), EVE NEO, Length 150 cm, Art.-No. 1 035 60 103
Length 200 cm, Art.-No. 1 035 60 203

Expiration valve (distal), Art.-No. 1 070 61 072

Adapter pressure measurement NCPAP, Art.-No. 1 070 61 137

Duplex hose with PNT-adapter, Length 200 cm, Art.-No. 1 070 61 138


PNT-B, flow sensor neonatal, 0 to +/- 12 l/min, Length 200 cm, Art.-Nr. 1 070 61 129


Brochure “EVA Neo”

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