Safe ventilation, quick available: ath the scene of an accident and during transport to the hospital

Emergency ventilator EVE TR

In rescue situations, every second counts: that is why we have designed EVE for transport purposes – EVE TR – so that PEEP ventilation, for example, can be activated at the push of a button within a very short time. For both premature and newborn infants and older children as well as adult patients. Small but powerful, this particularly applies to EVE TR. It is compact, easy-to-use and equipped to function autonomously. The air for patient ventilation is produced by the ventilator itself. In ambulances and helicopters, EVE TR can be fastened safely and reliably thanks to numerous mounting brackets. When switching from EVE TR to EVE IN for intra-clinical use after the patient arrives in the intensive care unit, you simply reconnect the tube system. Done.

Emergency Ventilator EVE TR: Your Benefits

At the push of a button

At the scene of an accident, appropriate measures must be taken rapidly. This is easy with EVE TR. Because you can adjust ventilation to the individual needs of each patient within a very short time.

  • Immediately ready for use: select the appropriate ventilation scenario at the push of a button
  • Intuitive operation: simply set all parameters individually
  • Tube system, sensors, etc. can be transferred from emergency ventilator EVE TR to EVE IN

At the scene of an accident and during transport

EVE TR is robust and equipped with a number of details to facilitate mobile use. Various mounting brackets and a long battery life ensure uncomplicated handling so that patients can be ventilated quickly and safely during transport.

  • Robust and compact: EVE TR is comparatively small, weighs only six kilos and can easily take minor impacts
  • Various different mounting brackets: so EVE TR can be fastened in every ambulance vehicle or helicopter quickly and safely
  • Virtually independent of gas and power supplies: internal turbine, battery life of up to six hours and consumption-free oxygen measurement

From emergency ventilator to EVE IN

As soon as the patient reaches the intensive care unit after transport from the accident site, it is time for a system change – from EVE TR to EVE IN. This is done in a way that does not affect the patient’s care. This is achieved by uniform system components.

  • Identical components: tube systems, sensors, etc. can be transferred
  • Short setup time: when changing over from one device to the other, only the respirator’s tube system needs to be reconnected.

Discover the Benefits of EVE TR:

Specially designed for emergency and mobile use, EVE TR convinces with a user-friendly operating concept, state-of-the-art turbine technology and simple handling. Here you get acquainted with the most important features and functions:

Product Specifications EVE TR

Patient groups:

  • Newborn and premature infants
  • Children
  • Adults

Hospital sectors:

  • Emergency transport
  • Battery operation (8 hours incl. exchangeable battery)
  • Integrated turbine
  • Invasive and non-invasive ventilation
  • all established conventional, pressure and volume controlled ventilation forms
  • High-Flow O2-Therapy
  • Selection of ventilation form via a clearly structured menu: simple and quick
  • Volume guaranteed ventilation with optional PRVC
  • Adults, children, premature/newborn infants (ventilation forms freely configurable)
  • Loops
  • MASIMO Rainbow® Parameter (optional)
  • 28 trends selectable, duration: 1, 6, 12, 24 oder 72 hours
  • Display: 8.4’’ Color touch screen
  • Controls: Push buttons, touch screen and rotary knob
  • Patient tube systems
  • Flow sensors and accessories
  • Medication nebulizer
  • Masks and accessories
  • Mobile stands and mounting brackets
  • Maintenance kits
  • Connection tubes
  • EasyFlow nCPAP systems
  • SpaceSuit

Accessories EVE TR

Accessories needed? Please submit the request-form via Email ( or Fax (06439/9125-111) to our sales department.
You will receive your offer as soon as possible.


Breathing circuit, Adults, emergency, Art.-No. 1 070 61 120
Length 240 cm, Art.-No. 1 070 61 140
Length 300 cm, Art.-No. 1 070 61 141
Length 440 cm, Art.-Nr. 1 070 61 142

Breathing circuit, Adults, intensive, Art.-No. 1 070 61 125

Breathing circuit, Pediatrics, with integrated Flow sensor, Art.-No. 1 070 61 124

Breathing circuit EVE NEO incl. expiration valve (distal), Length 180 cm, Art.-No. 1 070 61 189

Flow sensor Adults, dead space 11 ml, Flow range >= 20 l/min, Length 200 cm Art.-No. 1 070 61 127
Length 260 cm, Art.-No. 1 070 61 144
Length 320 cm, Art.-No. 1 070 61 145
Length 460 cm, Art.-No. 1 070 61 146

Flow-Sensor Pediatrics, dead space 2.7 ml, Flow range < 20 l/min, Art.-No. 1 070 61 128

Expiration valve, Art.-No. 1 070 61 072

Adapter pressure measurement NCPAP, Art.-No. 1 070 61 137

Duplex hose with PNT-Adapter, Length 200 cm, Art.-No. 1 070 61 138


PNT-B, flow sensor neonatal, 0 to +/- 12 l/min, Length 200 cm, Art.-No. 1 070 61 129

PNT-D, Max. V’ +/- 80 l/min, Art.-No. 1 070 61 147


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