Project Description

NIV/ACV+: Safe and gentle Ventilation with EVE NEO

Optimal Care for premature Infants – anywhere, anytime

NIV ventilation enables young patients to breathe on their own at any time, provided they are able to do so. This is how our intensive care respirator EVE NEO works: ventilation automatically adapts to the patient’s spontaneous breathing efforts, ensuring optimal care at all times. Even in non-invasive mode the device adapts to the inhalation and exhalation efforts via an external trigger. This is possible thanks to state-of-the-art ventilation and sensor technology. Regardless of whether pressure- or volume-guaranteed ventilation modes are indicated, and whether they are to be used invasively or non-invasively – EVE NEO optimally meets all requirements.


Ventilation using EVEneo:
Your Benefits

No manual Calibration necessary

If premature babies require ventilation, every second counts. Therefore, we made sure that EVE NEO is ready for use within the shortest possible time. For the benefit of the little patients and for your relief. Because this way you will have more time for the best possible care of your little patients and do not have to worry about ventilator operation: it is ready for use at the push of a button.

  • Short self-test, no complex manual calibration
  • Quick and easy selection of the appropriate ventilation scenario
  • Adapt ventilation quickly and simply to changing patient situations – thanks to the intuitive operation concept


Premature babies are not born in intensive care units, but in delivery rooms and operating theatres. From there they are taken, sometimes by rescue helicopter, to a ward where they can be properly cared for. EVE NEO ensures optimal ventilation right from the start.

  • No problem: No matter which power supply is available – EVE NEO can handle it
  • No worries: EVE NEO is equipped with versatile brackets for safe connection in ambulances and helicopters
  • No risky system changes: Consistently safe ventilation from initial treatment with T-Piece to transport and care in the intensive care unit

Thanks to its low Weight and powerful Battery

The fact that premature babies sometimes need to be transferred is part of daily routine. This is why it is important that the device can be “moved” easily. EVE NEO is perfectly equipped for this challenge, making your everyday life easier:

  • No heavy lifting and carrying: EVE NEO weighs only about six kilograms
  • No worries about damage: EVE NEO is an extremely robust and compact device
  • No shortages in gas and power supply: thanks to the integrated quiet-running turbine and a battery life of up to six hours

State-of-the-art Ventilation and Sensor Technology make it possible

Frequently, several devices are used for the treatment of patients. Keeping them all under control and synchronizing them optimally at the same time is complex and time-consuming. We have developed a custom docking station which includes power supply, bottle holder, PDMS and nurse call to ease your workload. This makes EVE NEO a versatile intensive respirator.

  • All ventilation forms: Pressure and volume guaranteed, invasive and non-invasive application
  • Additional options such as PRVC, PSV and tube compensation are easily activated
  • Various respiratory maneuvers possible – including high-flow therapy
  • Primary care via T-Piece
  • Constant monitoring of all important data: easy retrieval of Rainbow parameters based on MASIMO® technology as required


It is impossible to be next to the bed of every one of your little patients around the clock. However, with EVE NEO, you can be sure that newborns are always optimally monitored. And you can call up all important diagnostic measurements clearly structured at any time.

  • Detailed monitoring via high resolution touch screen
  • Expiratory CO2 measurement and loops for precise and informative lung diagnostics


Discover what EVEneo has to offer for your Ventilation Needs

Easy-to-use, robust, mobile and flexible – EVE NEO is an all-rounder which ensures reliable and consistent ventilation both during transport of premature babies and during their care in intensive care units. Learn more about EVE NEO:

Product Specifications EVEneo

Patient groups:

  • Newborn and premature infants
  • Children up to 40 kg body weight

Hospital sectors:

  • Interdisciplinary or specialized intensive care units
  • Primary care units for premature and newborn infants
  • Transport between wards, departments or hospitals
  • Mains power
  • Battery power (6 hours incl. exchangeable battery)
  • Integrierte Turbine
  • all established conventional , pressure and volume controlled ventilation forms
  • High Flow O2 therapy
  • Selection of ventilation form via a clearly structured menu: simple and quick
  • Volume guarantee from 2 ml VT: Respiratory pressure is based on previously measured expiratory tidal volume

Measured Value Display – Special Features

  • Loops
  • MASIMO parameters (optional)

Control Unit:

  • Display: 8.4’’ color touch monitor
  • Controls: touch screen and push button
  • Patient tube systems
  • Single/multiple use flow sensors with accessories
  • Accessories for external trigger
  • Medication nebulizer
  • Masks and accessories
  • Mobile stands and mounting brackets
  • Maintenance kits
  • NO accessories
  • Connection tubes
  • EasyFlow nCPAP systems
  • Spacesuit


Technical Specifications

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