Suitable für Children’s Intensive Care Units and mobile Use:
F120 mobil

Ventilation System for Newborns

Prematurely born infants or children requiring respiratory support must be adequately cared for on the scene and not just in the children’s intensive care unit. The F120 mobile respiratory system is the perfect solution – even in vehicles or in emergency situations. It was specifically designed for these applications, is flexible, user-friendly and robust. Ideally suited to quickly and reliably ensure optimal ventilation in critical situations.

Ventilation with the F120 mobil System:
Your Benefits

Adapts to patient requirements:

F120 works on the constant flow principle and can be used for both IMV and CPAP ventilation forms.

  • Assistance for spontaneous breathing in IMV mode:
    Breathing spontaneously between mandatory breaths
  • Assistance for spontaneous breathing in CPAP mode: through consequent positive airway pressure
  • Extended therapeutic range: integrated manual ventilation

Increased safety: Consistent Monitoring of Respiratory Rate in Newborns

For the healthy development of newborns and premature infants, ventilation must be optimized on a permanent basis.

  • Safety and reliability: the F120 alarms whenever disconnections, stenosis, or power failures occur
  • Keeping an eye on everything: integrated O2 monitor
  • Individual patient care and monitoring: adjustable alarm limits

More Comfort, less Work:
Integrated Humidifier System

F120 mobile is equipped with a heated humidification system to prevent small patients’ airways from drying out.

  • Increased comfort for little patients: As with spontaneous breathing, the respiratory gas is optimally humidified and heated
  • Absolutely hygienic, low effort: No condensation, no frequent change of tube systems

Everything you possibly need

Discover the features of the F120 mobil

F120 mobile not only convinces in neonatological intensive care units, but also during patient transport and emergency situations. Because that’ s what it is best equipped for. Experience it for yourself and discover what the F120 mobile has to offer:

Product Specifications F120 mobil

Hospital sectors:

  • Interdisciplinary or specific intensive care units
  • Primary care units for premature and newborn infants
  • Emergencies
  • Patient transport
  • Mains power
  • On-board supply (12 Volt)
  • Battery operation (approx. 80 minutes, 40 including heating)
  • Kompressor


  • volume/time controlled
  • constant flow
  • limited pressure
  • CPAP
  • Manual ventilation
  • Test
  • Pressure manometer and frequency (max. 120)
  • Optic and acoustic alarms (disconnection, stenosis, FiO2)
  • Patient components
  • Patient tube systems
  • Tube heating to compensate large temperature differences
  • Masks and accessories
  • Ventilation bag
  • Test lung
  • Mobile stands, mounting brackets including accessories
  • Maintenance kits

Zubehör F120 mobil

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Patient hose system P1, 12 V, complete with Y-piece, heated, Art.-No. 1 002 61 512

Breathing tube P1 incl. Y-piece, heated, Art.-No. 1 007 61 310

Adapter cable for heated breathing tube P1, Art.-No. 1 007 61 071

Hose warmer for reusable heated tubing systems, Length 390 mm, Art.-No. 1 007 60 003
Length 730 mm, Art.-No. 1 007 60 007
Length 1,130 mm, Art.-No. 1 007 60 004
Hose warmer for heated single-use breathing tube P3/P7 , Art.-No. 1 007 60 507


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