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FS Oxygen Supply Sytems
The reliable, safe and economic Solution

For more than 30 years, FS Oxygen Supply Systems represent safe, self-sufficient, low-maintenance and cost-efficient oxygen supply. These systems allow to reliably supply patients all over the world with the necessary oxygen – even in regions with poor or destroyed infrastructure. Our completely installed systems are used in hospitals and practices as well as in mobile military hospitals. Depending on your needs and available space, you can choose between our light and compact unit for mobile use and the larger FS Rack systems, which may be supplemented by cylinder filling systems as well as compressed air and vacuum units on request. The following applies to all oxygen supply systems made by Fritz Stephan: They are delivered ready for connection so you can get started immediately and without complex installations. Our systems generate medical oxygen from the ambient air in a concentration of 93%. Which is ideally suited to achieve the best treatment results.

FS Oxygen Supply Systems: Your Benefits

Product Specifications
FS Oxygen Supply System

  • Hospitals, practices
  • Mobile hospitals
  • Oxygen 93% according to Ph. Eur. (#2455) / USP: CO2 < 300 ppm, CO < 5 ppm, NO < 2 ppm, NO2 < 2 ppm, SO2 < 1 ppm, Oil < 0,1 mg/m³, water < 67 ppm
  • Oil-free compression
  • Container: 80 l/min up to 360 l/min
  • MOSS: 2x 20 l/min
  • 99.999 % at 0,01 μm particles (at oxygen outlet pipeline system)
  • Fully automatic
  • Pressure controlled
  • Integrated sensors
  • Container: 250 l, 500 l, 1,000 l
  • MOSS: 2x 10 l
  • Container: 1 – 8 cylinders simultaneously, 33 – 266 l/min. at 150/200 bar
  • MOSS: 1 – 4 cylinders simultaneously, 33 l/min at 200 bar
  • filling by oxygen supply system
  • automatic switch over in case of problems or power failure
  • Container: 1 – 56 cylinders, any cylinder sizes up to 50 l
  • MOSS: 2x 1 cylinder, any cylinder size up to 20 l


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