More Safety, less Costs with FS Oxygen Supply Systems
Ideal for Military use and Disaster Control

Whether in the military, disaster control or any other organization – whenever medical oxygen supply outside of clinics needs to be secured, our FS Oxygen Supply Systems demonstrate what they are capable of. For more than 20 years and in operations all over the world. They are used by NATO ISAF troops in Afghanistan and operate on hospital ships and aircraft carriers, in large stationary installations and helicopters as well as all-terrain vehicles. At any location and completely independent of stationary generators and suppliers, our systems extract medical oxygen at a concentration of 93% from the ambient air at a low price. This ensures reliable, mobile medical care. Studies show that this oxygen concentration is adequate for excellent treatment results.

FS Oxygen Supply Systems: Your Benefits

Always the right amount of oxygen in the right place

Our Oxygen Supply Systems use multi-modular technology. It allows uninterrupted oxygen supply with minimized operating times. Sub-systems can be maintained during operation if required, eliminating downtime. This provides an important added level of safety and independence.

  • Fully automatic and demand-driven: The right amount of oxygen at any time
  • Oil-free operation: No risk of contamination
  • Minimize risks: No long supply chains
  • Avoid logistic problems: No transport, no storage of oxygen

Suitable for every location

FS Oxygen Supply Systems are designed on the basis of rack and platform structures. Thus they can be easily configured for use in any location, even in the smallest space, and are immediately ready for use. Subsequent expansion of system capacities is also easily possible at any time.

  • Flexibly adaptable: To available space and required capacity
  • Mobile and portable solutions: Our Plug & Play FS Systems
  • Individually designed for you: Made to measure supply solutions on request

Permanently low operating and maintenance costs

FS Oxygen Supply Systems automatically produce exactly the required amount of oxygen and switch off automatically as soon as all buffers are filled. Thus you achieve maximum patient safety at minimum cost when using our systems.

  • Low power consumption
  • Reduced maintenance requirements
  • High durability

Product Specifications
FS Oxygen Supply Systems

  • Military operations
  • Disaster control
  • Oxygen 93% according to Ph. Eur. (#2455) / USP: CO2 < 300 ppm, CO < 5 ppm, NO < 2 ppm, NO2 < 2 ppm, SO2 < 1 ppm, Oil < 0,1 mg/m³, water< 67 ppm
  • Oil-free compression
  • 99.999 % at0,01 μm particles (at oxygen outlet pipeline system)
  • Fully automatic
  • Pressure controlled
  • Integrated sensors
  • 250 l
  • 500 l
  • 1.000 l
  • 1 – 8 cylinders simultaneously
  • 33 – 266 l/min. at 150/200 bar
  • 1 – 56 cylinders
  • any cylinder sizes up to 50 l
  • automatic switch over in case of problems or power failure


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