Oxygen supply at its best:

Autonomous, safe and cost-efficient: FS Supply Systems

Would you say it is difficult and costly to procure oxygen for patient care in crisis regions worldwide and regions with weak infrastructure? Not with our oxygen supply systems. They simply extract oxygen gas in the required concentration from the ambient air and work highly efficiently thanks to state-of-the-art technology. A multi-modular system ensures that you will find the right solution for every need. No matter how large or small the space available for the devices is. Customers all over the world, who have been working with our systems for more than 30 years and particularly appreciate our many years of experience in this field, have confirmed this.

FS20 Compact 20 l/min

FS MOSS 2x 20 l/min
Cylinder filling 33 l/min at 200 bar

FS Container
80 l/min – 360 l/min
incl. Cylinder filling and reserve supply
cylinder banks

FS Stationary
80 l/min – 960 l/min
incl. cylinder filling and reserve supply
cylinder banks

Optimal Oxygen Supply everywhere:
FS Oxygen Supply Systems

For military use and disaster control

The medical services of the NATO member states in the army and the navy use our systems at their bases and on missions abroad.
Mobility, performance and reliability are the hallmarks of our oxygen supply systems, whether on land or at sea, in field hospitals in the deserts around the globe,
in containers on trucks, or on the high seas in ships.

For use in hospitals and emergency services

Wherever and whenever the supply by means of oxygen cylinders is not guaranteed or the infrastructure is completely destroyed,
the FS oxygen supply systems produce the required medical oxygen on site.
Our systems will do the job safely, quickly and cost-effectively.