HFO: High Frequency Ventilation for the smallest Patients with STEPHANIE

Diagnostics and Therapy with a single Device

Is there a respirator for newborns and premature infants with integrated high-frequency oscillation (HFO)? There is actually. It is called STEPHANIE, was designed by Fritz Stephan and combines the functions of a respirator with those of a humidifier and an oscillator in a single device. There is also a monitor. For you, this means that you can perform a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic tasks with a single device. This facilitates handling in your daily work routine and helps to ensure that diagnosis and therapy are optimally coordinated at all times. For more patient safety and optimal care.

Ventilation using STEPHANIE: Your Benefits


The choice of ventilation depends on individual needs. STEPHANIE always provides optimal support for the respiratory system of the little patients.

  • CPAP, S-IMV, assisted controlled ventilation A/C, volume-controlled ventilation with various inspiratory pressure patterns
  • Pressure-controlled ventilation with various inspiratory pressure patterns
  • Highest possible compensation of the inspiratory leakage which is common in premature babies
  • Activation of a high frequency oscillator at the push of a button: without delay or change of tubing

Premature babies tend to adapt their breathing to the ventilator. Because of this, unintended high inspiratory tidal volumes may develop. Not with STEPHANIE: As soon as the expiratory volume reaches the specified limit, pressure on the subsequent inspiration is automatically limited.

  • Overly high tidal volumes are quickly and reliably eliminated
  • Always the lowest possible ventilation pressure
  • Including effective protection of the lung

During spontaneous breathing, the respiratory gas in the upper airways is humidified and heated so the bronchial cilia can function optimally and prevent the airways from being blocked by secretions. STEPHANIE’s integrated, heated humidification system performs this important task for infants requiring ventilation.

  • Reduced risk of suffocation: humidification of respiratory gas through molecular evaporation
  • Intelligent sensors: no condensate formation, constant liquid and temperature levels
  • High standard of hygiene and minimal effort: no need for frequent patient tube changes

Patients breathing spontaneously, who “only” need support, require ventilation systems that adapt to respiratory adjustment. STEPHANIE does just that and ensures that higher breathing volumes are achieved with the same breathing effort.

  • Safe therapy: permanent monitoring of respiratory effort, automatic back-up ventilation if necessary (Closed Loop Ventilation)
  • Always individual and demand-driven: pressure increase during inspiration proportional to inhaled tidal volume and/or respiratory gas flow

Less chronic lung damage, air leak syndrome, reduced risk of respiratory failure after extubation and the need for reintubation – non-invasive ventilation has many advantages. The disadvantage: exogenous surfacts preventing the penetration of air into the pleural gap, which particularly occurs in very immature premature infants, can only be safely administered to intubated patients. The solution: Quick and safe alternation between invasive and non-invasive ventilation with STEPHANIE.

  • Innovative control system: switching between ventilation forms
  • External respiratory sensor and respiratory support adapted to inspiration: greater reliability for optimal ventilation of small patients at all times
  • Significantly reduced manual therapy adjustments resulting in significantly reduced time and documentation effort

Discover STEPHANIE’s Features

STEPHANIE is a genuine all-rounder. Its strength is its attention to detail and the combination of various functions and therapeutic options: Experience it for yourself and discover what STEPHANIE has to offer.

Product Specifications Stephanie

Patient groups:

  • Newborn and premature infants
  • Children of up to 25 kg body weight

Hospital sectors:

  • Interdisciplinary or specific intensive care units
  • Primary care units for premature and newborn infants
  • time controlled
  • pressure controlled
  • flow controlled
  • all established conventional and pressure controlled ventilation forms
  • a clear menu for the selection of ventilation forms: simple and quick
  • Modifications: volume limitation, leakage compensation, PSV
  • Display: 10.4’’ color monitor
  • Controls: push buttons and rotary push buttons
  • Patient component with integrated heated respiratory humidifier
  • Patient tube systems
  • Tube heating to compensate large temperature differences
  • Pneumotachograph including accessories
  • Accessories for external trigger
  • Masks and accessories
  • Mobile stands and mounting brackets
  • Maintenance kits
  • NO accessories
  • Connection tubes
  • EasyFlow nCPAP systems
  • Spacesuit

Accessories Stephanie

Accessories needed? Please submit the request-form via Email (sales@stephan-gmbh.com) or Fax (06439/9125-111) to our sales department.
You will receive your offer s soon as possible.


Heated single-use breathing tube P3/P7 incl.
pressure sensing line for P3 and P7, NO-analysis-
adaptor and Y-piece, Art.-No. 1 007 61 300

Adaptor cable for heated single-use
breathing tube P3/P7, Art.-No. 1 007 61 070

Temperature sensor P7 for heated single-use
breathing tube P3/P7, Art.-No. 1 007 63 009

Respiration sensor (Graseby Capsule) for external
trigger control, Length 150 cm, Art.-No. 1 035 60 103
Length 200 cm, Art.-No. 1 035 60 203

Connection set for pneumatic water-refill-system
of Sophie/Stephanie, sterile, Art.-No. 1 038 60 035


Heated patient hose system P7
for incubator operation, Art.-No. 1 007 61 500

Heated patient hose system P7 for warming bed
operation (open incubator), Art.-No. 1 007 61 550

Temperature sensor P7 for incubator operation, Art.-No. 1 007 61 110
Temperature sensor P7 for warming bed operation, Art.-No. 1 007 61 100

Hose warmer for reusable heated tubing systems,
Length 390 mm, Art.-No. 1 007 60 003
Length 730 mm, Art.-No. 1 007 60 007
Length 1,130 mm, Art.-No. 1 007 60 004
Hose warmer for heated single-use breathing
tube P3/P7, Art.-No. 1 007 60 507

Pneumotachograph Neonates Type A,  0 to +/- 5 l/min, Art.-No. 1 035 61 303

Pneumotachograph Neonates Type B,  0 to +/- 12 l/min, Art.-No. 1 035 61 300

Pneumotachograph Pediatrics Type C,  0 to +/- 25 l/min, Art.-No. 1 035 61 301

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